Tune Time is a free music-based literacy resource for
children entering Year 1 (five year olds)

Children SingingThe Tune Time resources include:

  • Eleven professionally produced songs for free downloading
  • A teacher (or parent) book with lyrics, pictures and actions
  • Sheet music for each song
  • Accompanying phonics worksheets for classroom or individual use

The Tune Time programme is ideal for Year 1 classrooms and has been designed by developmental psychologists, education professionals and musicians to run alongside synthetic phonics programmes. Equally, the programme can be a helpful resource for parents who want to support their children in their early literacy skills.

Tune Time is special in that it uses a high proportion of high frequency words, common in first reading books. It uses strong rhythms and rhymes which can help to build familiarity with the sounds within words, a necessary skill in learning to read. Also, the rhymes used in each song reflect those used in most phonics programmes at the start of Year 1.

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